About Dunn Marine

Jon Dunn started an apprenticeship and Bradford Marine in 1976 -79. He learned the trade from varnish work to prep work to topcoat finish paint. A couple of refit projects that were done at bradford include Paranda, Blackhawk, and Charosa. Jon opened up Dunn Marine in 1980 in South Florida. Started off doing Sport fishing boats out of Palm Beach Yacht Center where most of his clients came from the Cove Marina, Light House Point and The Boca Hotel.

Evenutully moving up to larger yachts such as Sarabeth, Lady Iris, Silver Seas, Ingot News, and The Job. As the Yachts got bigger he brought the work to American Custom Yachts in Stuart, Fl for three years before opening Florida Marine in West Palm Beach, Fl in 1992.

Jon working as a contractor as well as a owner of Florida Marine gained knowledge on how the run the yard, from operating a 150 ton travel lift to running gear. As the years went on Jon moved away from the daily grind of running a yard to concentrating on his craft.

Eventually his son, Garrett, got involved as just a summer job but quickly gained knowledge of procedure on how to prep the boats. Around 2010/2011 Garrett started full time and has been with the company since. Some projects that have been done since include Silver seas, Sarabeth, The Job, Aquaholic, Tuff Life, Avolonte, Aries, Seastar and Judith.

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